About Us | Seven Bar Foundation, a business model for social impact, empowering women around the world.

About Us

To prevent poverty by teaching a trade, setting up a person in business, or in some other way preventing the need of charity.

– Maimonides, 1135-1204

Seven Bar Foundation

The Seven Bar Foundation, a 501(c)3, is the brand for the Empowerment of Women. As a social enterprise, we fuel microfinance institutions by driving profits with purpose with cause-marketing brand partners. To reach a critical mass with our ladder symbolic message, the Foundation hosts the top couture and luxury lingerie shows in the world — Lingerie New York, London, Miami, etc. Together with the Foundation’s alliances we enable women in need to start or grow their own small businesses, breaking the cycle of poverty for their children via microfinance.

We believe that microfinance is an effective tool to combat poverty and empower women because it fosters self-reliance and encourages sustainable development. As loans are repaid to our Microfinance partners, the funds are then reissued to other entrepreneurs. Investments in the Seven Bar Foundation will help countless women over the long-term, constantly growing in size and increasing its impact with every woman that the funds reach.