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All That Glitters

Boys, forget about buying us gold jewelry, we’ve got our eye on innerwear that gleams and glitters like buried treasure!

Who’s to blame for our latest obsession? Luxury lingerie brand, Rococo Dessous, which produces gilded bras, underwear and nightgowns made from a special Swiss gold fabric. The magnificent collection, created by former Victoria’s Secret designer Breanna Lee, features hand-crafted, 24-karat gold pieces that draw inspiration from royal women in history.


Rococo Dessous, Marie Antoinette inspired set

Rococo Dessous, Marie Antoinette inspired set

Each imperial set has the namesake of the woman who inspired it. From the elaborate florals of Marie Antoinette to the opulent gold dresses of Tsarina Alexandra of Russia, the indulgent nature of each royalty is captured in the design aesthetic. The collection ranges in price from $3,000-$6,000 a set, nothing short of an aristocratic budget!

Francoise, second wife of Louis XIV, inspired set

Rococo Dessous, Francoise second wife of Louis XIV inspired set

Despite the exquisite materials, the items can be washed delicately, and are designed so that the gold does not touch the wearer’s skin too closely, making it fit comfortably.

While wearing such ornate undergarments may seem like a current novelty, “gold has been the ultimate expression of luxury since ancient times”, the brand explains. As homage to the lavish ladies of the past and present, Rococo Dessous dedicates its first collection to the modern princess, how precious!

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