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Barbie’s Hotter, Healthier Sister

Would you have played with Barbie if she had bad hair days? How about shorter legs?…Bigger hips?

Artist Nickolay Lamm helps us realize what a Barbie doll would look like if she were modeled after a real woman.

By creating a 3D model from the CDC measurements of a 19 year-old girl, Lamm was able to produce a doll who still looks very much like Barbie, but much more proportionate with a few great curves. She’s Barbie’s hotter, better fed younger sister, if you will.

It really begins to make me think, what did we ever find attractive about the buttless drone that is Barbie? Considering how awkward and disproportionate she would be in real life, Barbie may want to take a few pointers from Lamm’s girl!

It’s artists like Lamm that are really using creativity to thoughtfully provoke questions in our society. He concludes:  ”If there’s even a small chance of Barbie in its present form negatively influencing girls, and if Barbie looks good as an average-sized woman in America, what’s stopping Mattel from making one?”

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