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Curvy Kate's "Star in a Bra" 2013, Lotte Williams

Curvy Kate’s “Star in a Bra” 2013, Lotte Williams

UK-based, feel good lingerie brand Curvy Kate is celebrating full-figured beauty and sharing a natural confidence with young women with their annual “Star in a Bra” competition. Each year, Curvy Kate surveys hundreds of DD+ women who are embracing their unique curves, to find a fresh candidate to be the face, and bust of the brand. Their ideal model is someone who is confident in their own skin and carries herself with poise and charisma.

This year, 22-year old fashion student, Lotte Williams, proved to be just the classic beauty Curvy Kate works so hard to commend. The beautiful redhead beat out 700 other hopefuls to win the acclaimed “Star in a Bra” title, and it is a designation Lotte carries with pride. “I want my photos to inspire women of all ages to be proud of the skin that they’re in and to know that as long as they’re healthy, they should be happy”, she says.

The size 12 bombshell, who wears a 30G bra, comments on thin models so often portrayed in fashion, a standard she is no stranger to with her part-time job at a lingerie boutique. “Being apart of a world in which size 6 is the norm has never affected my self-confidence, but in turn has encouraged me to discover a sense of style that enhances my natural hourglass shape.”

The fresh face of lingerie

The fresh face of lingerie

Williams wins a one-year modeling contract with Curvy Kate

Williams wins a one-year modeling contract with Curvy Kate


With that sentiment, it is clear to see why Lotte is a perfect ambassador for Curvy Kate’s feel good, full-figure flattering lingerie! Here she is looking confident and comfortable in her modeling debut.

We find nothing more beautiful than a woman who embraces who she is and feels sexy in her own skin. We look forward to seeing how Lotte will shine this year as the industry’s guiding “Star in a Bra”! Congrats, girl!

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