Fusion Beauty

The Seven Bar Foundation and Fusion Beauty “Kiss Away Poverty” campaign launched on September 15, 2009 with Kim Kardashian at Sephora. In three months the campaign sold 100,677 LipFusion Infatuation lip glosses, translating into $100,677 in funds for the Foundation. It garnered $5.1 million ad value worth of press coverage (80 million press impressions across broadcast, print, and online).

The impact of the campaign on Fusion Beauty’s lip gloss sales led to the extension of the Seven Bar Foundation/Fusion Beauty partnership for an additional year, the campaign to be extended to all Sephora stores globally, and Fusion Beauty’s creation of a 4-color lip gloss capsule collection called the “Luxe Boudoir” collection. Each of these lip glosses had the Seven Bar Foundation logo on the packaging and product, and a portion of the retail proceeds went to the Foundation’s microfinance fund.

By the end of the extended campaign, “Kiss Away Poverty” garnered a total of $191,856 for the Foundation’s fund, with 80% ($153,484) going to ACCION USA as capital for microfinance and 20% ($38,371) to Foundation sustainability.

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