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Empowered By Your Story

Alrighty gals, now we’re sure some of you have noticed that there’s something a little different about our site.

New haircut? No… No more braces? No… Facelift? No…well, kind of.


Sorry for that manic outburst, but we just can’t help ourselves! We are so incredibly excited about this campaign; we would do anything for it, even strip down to our bare backs and expose our deepest vulnerabilities to the millions of people on the streets of New York City.

Oh wait, we did do that.

Daring, right? Well this is exciting stuff people! We’ve got to push the envelope to deliver the message!

What message exactly? Well of course it has something to do with women’s empowerment, or else we wouldn’t be called Seven Bar Foundation or Empowered By You, now would we.

For this campaign, we’re turning the spotlight away from the runway and onto the very real, raw, and relevant stories of everyday women facing personal challenges.
By sharing how they’ve become empowered by their vulnerabilities, we learn their success in turning weakness into strength.

Don’t you just love a classic paradigm shift?

Hearing these incredible transformations reminds us exactly why we choose to do what we do everyday.

In order to ignite our ethos, “Whatever empowers you empowers women everywhere”, we want to hear from you, yes, you! Here’s your chance to share your story, whatever it may be. Tell us how overcoming a challenge has helped you find your inner strength! What empowers you? Who empowers you?

Join the many voices of this campaign that inspire hope, power, and change. Instead of falling victim to our disadvantages, we will find strength in our journey, our fight, and our triumph.

Check out our exclusive with WWD!

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