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Maximizing The Minibar

Hotel minibars used to be such a tease! Oh how those $5 Snickers bars could haunt a sweet tooth from the dark corner cabinet until finally, in the wake of the glaring TV lights, we’d break down into a vacation-induced dissolution, casting all common sense aside to taste the forbidden fruit. Of course, only to find that the expired chocolate tastes no better or worse kept under lock and key.

Yes, a mini bar was a little disenchanting for the wearied traveller. I mean, the thing was practically a box of chocolates and booze, perfectly stocked for a lonely valentine, but practical for no one. You wouldn’t turn to it in a time of need; it was probably better at getting you into a sticky situation than out of one.

Moragns Hotel Group custom-made box offering to guests

Moragns Hotel Group custom-made box offering to guests

So when’s the last time you used a minibar? Do they even still exist? Hard Rock

Well yes they’re still around, but now, instead of  just Snickers bars and tiny Smirnoff bottles, people are finding things like oxygen tanks, electronic cigarettes, and even pairs of underwear in them! And contrary to what you may think, they’re not the remainders of a previous guest’s one-night escapade!

The minibar is maximizing its appeal by expanding hotel amenities to include more fun, funky and functional products and services. From nursing mother’s necessities at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, to mini oxygen tanks at Kimpton’s Sky Hotel in the high altitudes of Aspen, finding unique solutions to everyday problems has become simple, and in some ways quite sexy!

Our favorite new offering?  Morgans Hotel Group “shop boxes”, featuring the new line of Empowered By You panties!

Empowered By You lingerie line featured in “shop boxes”

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