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The Unexpected Accessory: Innerwear For Inner Strength

This past weekend, Empowered By You mingled with some of the biggest names in accessories and jewelry design. Attending AccessoriesTheShow in Manhattan proved to be quite the land of opportunity as we continue to carve a niche in the accessories market.

Saturday’s set-up was a breeze, and a breath of fresh air!  Walking through the bright and bustling isles of the Javits Convention Center, you couldn’t help but be inspired by the ambitious displays of entrepreneurship.

As we rolled in with our story tree, stubborn mannequin, and dozens of panties in tow, we may have seemed like a band of nomadic gypsies, but with a little elbow grease, booth #2154 soon transformed into a home (not so far) away from home.

Situated in front of the smoothie bar, between our good friends at Printed Village and The Winding Road, Empowered By You’s presence was a natural fit, but at the same time, a bit of a showstopper! With the colorful array of panties on the walls, and of course the secret weapon: our precious cigar girl, it was nearly impossible for people not to be intrigued by the brand!

On opening day, curious faces swarmed around the booth with questions about the panty that’s saving the world from poverty. As an unexpected accessory, our cause-driven lingerie was sparking bright ideas in the minds of buyers. From dress shops to spas, businesses of all walks began finding necessity in the bold bottoms with an even bolder ambition.

While swapping business cards and candy, everyone rejoiced over the seamless, stay-put invention that’s uniting us with our fellow woman and propelling social consciousness. We left with a few new friends, some awesome accessories, but most of all, the reassurance that strong support is amassing, as we ignite a new era of innerwear for inner strength.

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